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Introducing Integrated Energy Centres (IECs)

DSC_0457Today S3IDF is pleased to present a blog series on an exciting project being developed and expanded in India, Integrated Energy Centres (IECs). Integrated Energy Centres (IECs) are solar-powered enterprises that provide a range of basic services and activities to underserved communities. IECs, a concept driven by the SELCO Foundation, are developed in conjunction with S3IDF and other partners.

Every couple of weeks, we’ll present a blog post covering an aspect of these enterprises. The topics will cover the concept itself, the pilot phase, reports on each centre, as well as our next steps.

We look forward to presenting this blog series to you!


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IEC Flowchart

         The Integrated Energy Centre Concept                                                            The Pilot Phase



                          The Lingrajpuram IEC                                                                  The Thanisandra IEC

The K-A IEC operator in his shop








              The Kariyammana Agrahara IEC