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The IEC Pilot Phase

IEC FlowchartToday S3IDF  is pleased to present you the second post in our Integrated Energy Centres series: The Pilot Phase.

IECs are solar-powered enterprises that provide a range of basic services and activities to underserved communities. IECs, a concept driven by the SELCO Foundation, are developed in conjunction with S3IDF and other partners.

The Pilot Phase

Through initial funds, investments, and loans for specific centres, the pilot phase focused on the following:


Customized, workable centres were designed to explore new activities/services  and to establish processes for the centres to expand sustainably. Different building structures in which the services could be housed were also established.


Through partnerships the centres link organizations to the community. As part of this process we work on forming partnerships with local NGOs, governments, and other organizations that can lead to increased efficiency in services or the addition of services to the centres.

Creating OpportunitiesIEC Circle Flow

As a result of our strong ties in the communities and the aforementioned innovations and partnerships, we are always working to create opportunities for entrepreneurs, operators, and managers.

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The information in this post has been adapted from the Integrated Energy Centre (IEC) Brief Progress Report (March 2012 – March 2013).


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