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Project Monitoring and Impact Assessment

This article is the first part of our new series on Bengaluru’s waste workers, highlighting the challenges, opportunities and positive developments in the sector.   Studies show that by 2050, India will need New Delhi-sized landfills to “dump” its trash. People

The interest in impact assessment, metrics, and all things related to project monitoring and evaluation in international development is increasing. Rightfully so. Too many well-intentioned development projects fail to produce the intended outcomes and often cannot explain why. The better the answers the international development community has to the questions “what works?” and “why?,” the better equipped we will all be in affecting positive change. However, assessing project impact and understanding those vital cause and effect relationships is not easy. We humans are notoriously tricky study subjects. We tend to be forgetful, frequently unobservant, desirous to give answers we think the researchers and interviewers want to hear and/or intent on giving less self-incriminating information that disguises that fact that we rarely wash our hands with soap even though we know better.