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Our team of development practitioners and senior consultants draws on decades of experience and insights to deliver high quality impact for our clients and collaborators.

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International Development Institutions and Agencies

S3IDF works with multilateral, bilateral and other international development institutions and agencies through a range of advisory services and technical assistance. We provide market-driven solutions designed to leverage development funding, create public-private partnerships, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of program and intermediation structures. We also provide tailored trainings for development institution staff and local partners.

Foundations, Grantmakers, and Philanthropies

We conduct thematic and topic studies and assessments for foundations, grantmakers, philanthropies, and charitable funds to increase understanding of key issues and topics, enabling them to contribute to sector knowledge. We also provide ideas and insights into how to leverage their funds through partnership and program structures.

Practitioners and Networks

S3IDF works to raise the awareness and build the capacity of practitioners and networks, including nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, to integrate market-based solutions into their own projects and operations. We provide training as well as speakers for conferences and events.

Government Program Administrators

We help governments incorporate market-based approaches into their programs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their delivery channels and use of funds.

Banks, Microfinance, and other Financial Institutions

We work with financial institutions, including banks, microfinance institutions, leasing companies, and other financial service providers, that are interested in entering or expanding their business to traditionally underserved population segments. We offer capacity building training to enhance the ability of financial institutions to better understand the needs of poor and low-income populations and aid in the development of tailored financial products and services. In conjunction with development programs and projects, we also facilitate new deals and incorporate risk mitigation strategies for financial institutions.

Impact Investors

As advocates of “social first” impact investing, S3IDF helps individuals and firms develop a better sense of the unmet financing needs and risk profiles of pro-poor investment opportunities. We also provide guidance on the importance of blended capital structures and offer risk mitigation strategies.

Technology and Equipment Providers

We support technology and equipment providers by identifying new business opportunities among lower income populations. We also help to strengthen or extend supply chains and develop after-sales support and maintenance operations.

Advisory Service and Consulting Firms

We collaborate with other advisory service and consulting firms by joining teams as subcontractors and by pursuing joint projects.

“S3IDF is one of the pioneers in providing innovative and sustainable market solutions for energy poverty. S3IDF has been an active partner with ADB’s Energy for All for a number of years, and we value S3IDF both as partner and for the critical voice that has helped to refine our projects and point us towards priority areas where our support and intervention can help make a difference in the fight against poverty.”

– Jiwan Acharya, Senior Climate Change Specialist (Clean Energy), Asian Development Bank

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