Our Services & Impact

We partner with and advise public and private players to promote equitable economic and social development.

We create innovative business models and financing structures, conduct capacity building trainings and knowledge transfer activities, and foster effective collaborations.

Our Practice Areas

Inclusive Market Systems

Transforming markets through innovative partnerships and financing structures creates new private sector business opportunities and improvements in income, employment, and access to basic services for poor and disadvantaged communities. We apply a systems-level approach to assess both the supply and demand sides of the market to ensure financially viable and sustainable investment and project outcomes.

Training and Capacity Building

We increase the knowledge and capacity of public and private entities to implement inclusive business models and development strategies that leverage resources and mitigate risk. S3IDF offers tailored training and capacity building services to meet the needs of governments, donors and funders, practitioners, financial institutions, and technology and service companies interested in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their programs as well as in expanding business and investment opportunities into currently poor and disadvantaged markets.

Small-Scale Infrastructure and Clean Energy Applications

S3IDF promotes the small-scale provision of infrastructure services – energy, water, sanitation, communications, transport – through replicable enterprise-based delivery models to benefit poor and disadvantaged communities. Our expertise centers on clean and renewable energy, primarily photovoltaics, solar thermal, biomass and wood fuels, wind power, small-scale hydropower, and biogas and LPG as well as on energy and resource efficiency.

Our Expertise

  • Financial innovation; blended capital and revolving fund structures
  • Deal structuring; end-user affordability, risk mitigation
  • Impact investing; program and fund design
  • Replicable and scalable business models
  • Program strengthening; intermediation arrangements
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Infrastructure/energy and livelihood integration
  • Financial inclusion
  • Micro-, small- and medium-scale business concepts
  • Entrepreneur training
  • Market linkages; supply chain strengthening; value chain analysis
  • Supply- and demand-side assessments

Our Work

Our team of development practitioners and senior consultants bring decades of experience and insights to our work.

We work globally across our practice areas to deliver high quality impact for our clients and collaborators. Highlights of our work are listed below.



Assessed best practices for small- and medium-sized enterprises and examined sources of financing, assessed capabilities of local capital markets, and reviewed policies and regulations for a multilateral development organization


Researched legal and regulatory conditions, assessed the market relevance of selected renewable energy technologies, analyzed financial institutions’ terms and conditions, and reported on current status of development programs and government policies for a global alliance


Designed a collaboration between a multilateral development agency and an investment holding company in which the holding company became a financial intermediary for environmentally and commercially sustainable energy investments


Analyzed barriers to expanding microfinance for clean energy, developed a financing facility concept, and developed capacity building training materials for local banks and financial institutions for a bi-lateral development agency


Developed a preliminary financial intermediation structure and created financing risk mitigation components for a renewable energy development program for a multilateral development organization


Assessed opportunities for pro-poor rural enterprise concepts with a private foundation and local practitioners


Advised on the structure of a revolving fund to help low income water mill owners access local finance for entrepreneurial activities through a multilateral development organization contract


Worked on demand and pricing analyses, total cost of supply estimation, and economic cost of grid and decentralized energy generation and assisted in village selection methodologies and rural household willingness-to-pay surveys for a bilateral development agency


Performed energy pricing studies and investment evaluations for a bilateral development agency

Sri Lanka

Performed financial and economic analysis of wind-based power generation, including estimation of local and global environmental benefits for a multilateral development institution

“S3IDF is a special organization; highly experienced, capable, and dedicated staff carefully work at the intersection of technology, finance, cultures, and entrepreneurship in impoverished communities. Their work fully embodies their name.”

– Will Knowland, former Vice President for Rural and Renewable Energy, Nexant, Inc.

Middle East & Africa


Created a report on the development of Lake Chad basin in a joint project for a multilateral development organization and a bilateral development agency


Conducted an evaluation and redesign of a renewable energy demonstration project for a bilateral development agency


Delivered a training course on energy pricing and worked on institutional and pricing issues for national energy policy for a multilateral development organization


Advised an East African energy access financing initiative and offered a series of recommendation for operational models, fund structures, and partnerships for an international nonprofit organization


Conducted an institutional analysis and energy pricing study for modern and traditional fuels for a multilateral development organization


Prepared institutional recommendations for a gas system under development through a subcontract agreement for a multilateral development institution

Sierra Leone

Analyzed household energy issues and options for a multilateral development organization

South Africa

Offered an energy policy course for government officials of the Republic of South Africa for an international Institute


Conducted pump testing and evaluation as part of renewable energy project for a bilateral development agency


Assessed existing market conditions and reported on the process involved in developing a financing facility for an international nonprofit organization

“S3IDF has shown through its work among the poorer sections of society in Asia and elsewhere that its approach in designing innovative solutions is unparalleled. I recommend that the development community take advantage of the advisory services that S3IDF offers.”

– Padu S. Padmanaban, former Program Director and Senior Energy Advisor, USAID/India



Performed financial and technical evaluations of energy supply projects, including biomass power plants for a multilateral development institution


Advised on energy use in the agricultural sector and reviewed the potential for integration of alternative energy technologies in the sector on behalf of the government

Costa Rica

Evaluated biomass substitution as part of a technology transfer initiative for a multilateral development organization

El Salvador

Consulted on financial and institutional structures and options under a reconstruction and development program


Conducted an energy sector review involving energy pricing, investment evaluation, and regulatory reform


Researched traditional energy and rural development issues and put forward recommendations for a government initiative

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