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A deeper look at what it means to lead an organization as both a CEO and Board member, and the critical individual components these leaders must possess to effectively govern.

The ICICI Bank Videocon loan fiasco is yet another big one.

Investigative agencies are keeping themselves busy, the media and all other interested parties are also busy guessing what is behind this deal and if indeed Chanda Kochhar and her husband Deepak Kochhar are behind the supposed Rs3250 crores ($473 Million approximately) Videocon largesse. Now that’s a big enough amount. The truth should be should be out and the facts laid out on the table.

If indeed, Messers Kochhar have their hands dirty, the law should take its own course and deal with them accordingly. Nobody in their stable mind will ask for consideration to condone the guilty. L’affaire ICICI is an interesting one, a grave one and hence the high decibel speculations around the facts, which still no one knows fully — or very few know of the truth, as of now. If things are black or white, then what is there to speculate? But this article is not about ICICI bank or the supposed fraud. It is about the grey zone, the role of governance boards, the role of management, the role of CEOs, the interplay play of perception versus facts and the wanton lust for blood.

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Shedding Light in the Night- How Solar Energy and Mobile Charging Improves Quality of Life in India

By Ken Banks

August 27, 2013 Digital Diversity, National Geographic News

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S3IDF to help SAPF develop Smart Villages and Smart Wards in Andhra Pradesh

12 Feb 2018, Bengaluru –  On 9th Feb 2018, the Small Scale Sustainable Infrastructure Development Fund (S3IDF) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation (SAPF) at Vijayawada …

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Awards 2014 Purpose Prize Fellow

The Purpose Prize is the nation’s preeminent large-scale investment in people over 60 who are combining their passion and experience for social good. S3IDF’s Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Russell J. deLucia, was selected as a 2014 Purpose Prize Fellow.


Top Innovation Award from the Asia Clean Energy Forum

In 2008, S3IDF won a Top Innovation Award for its Social Merchant Bank Approach in the Clean Energy Finance Solutions category at the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF). ACEF is a joint effort of the Asian Development Bank (ADB); United States Agency for International Development (USAID); the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate; the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation; the Governments of Australia, Japan, Spain, and Norway; and other co-sponsors.


World Clean Energy Award

S3IDF won the World Clean Energy Award in the NGO and Initiatives category in 2007 for its lighting initiatives in southern India. It was nominated by the Worldwatch Institute and selected by a jury with representatives from the World Economic Forum, WWF International, and the United Nations Environment Program.

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